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Remote Control Computers

There are a number of different methods to remotely control computers, all dependent on what sort of access you need to the computer and what sort of tasks you have to carry out remotely. While some tasks may overlap with each other, on the whole each requires a different train of thought. Therefore what we really need to do is analyze what sort of access is required before deciding on which method suits us best.

The different software solutions for remotely controlling computers range from online only, web-based applications which allow you to access a computer, the same, but which allow reverse access, and downloadable, installable applications which you need to run on the target computer before it can be accessed.

How to Remote Control Computers

Some applications only allow command-line remote access to a device. These are usually more for Unix/Linux based devices as the majority of administrative tasks can be run from the command line on these systems. Others allow a slightly more graphical interface, while the more advanced enable full access to the remote system, as if you were sat at the computer.

The reverse is usually the more interesting scenario, when someone is sat at a computer and requires a technical expert to access their system in order to fix or help with a problem. This is when an expert piece of software is required to remotely control the computer.

In truth, as long as the person is using a modern version of Windows (9x and above), Windows Mobile (2003 or newer), Mac OS (10.2 and higher) or a distribution of Linux based on Kernel 2.4 or 2.6, then there are web-based applications available to support technicians to allow remote assistance to the users.

NTRsupport allows technical support operators to remotely control computers that fall within the above specifications. It allows full access to the device - as if the technician was sat at the computer - as well as the ability to transfer and execute patches, fixes and other data files, or even walk the user through self-solving the issue with the use of drawing tools, remote support via chat and VoIP applications to communicate with the person experiencing the problem.

By remotely controlling computers with NTRsupport, removing the need for desk-side and off-site visits, the technical help desk could maximize the technicians’ time, save money on travel, telephone and other costs, and improve the overall performance of their help desk.  Reboot and reconnect capabilities also allow technicians to restart unattended devices in a fully secure manner.

NTRsupport offers highly secure remote support features which allow your operators to remotely control computers, safe in the knowledge that all sensitive information is fully secure. Remote sessions are also secured with SSL and 265-bit AES end-to-end encryption.

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